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Five Tool Mattress - 100% Natural Latex -  8" Talalay

Five Tool Mattress - 100% Natural Latex - 8" Talalay

Elite athletes need a focused mind and a strong body.  Research shows that more sleep, or extended sleep, can benefit athletes, their recovery, and their performance.


Athletes are encouraged to get at least nine hours of sleep nightly and to treat sleep with as much importance as athletic training and diet. 


That is why we designed the Five Tool Mattress. Custom tailored to an athletes size and weight, this mattress provides unparalleled comfort and support to help you get the most restful and restorative sleep possible. It's the perfect choice for anyone who needs to wake up feeling refreshed and focused.

Made of all natural materials & components, The Five Tool Mattress is extremely durable, free of harmful chemicals and eco-healthy—and offers all the qualities associated with a high performance mattress.


This mattress marries a dense 6″ latex core with a softer, more elastic 2″ latex top. Thanks to its multi-layer design, The Five Tool Mattress is a stable, motionless, and extremely comfortable mattress.


Combine it with our Heavy Duty Solid Hardwood Foundation for enhanced stability and support, or layer it with our Removable Mattress Topper for an even more indulgent experience.


Upgrade your sleeping experience today with the Five Tool Mattress.


CalKing:           $5,400


And don't forget the perfect pillow - made from the same natural materials as the mattress, it's a custom tailored fit for greater individual comfort.  Check it out here The Oxygen Pillow



      • 2” layer of Talalay latex (available in soft, medium and firm)
      • 6” core of Talalay latex (available in soft, medium and firm)
      • Stretch-knit organic cotton lined with all natural wool cover
      • Available in a range of firmness options
      • Eco-certified components


      We recommend trying your new mattress for several weeks before deciding if it’s too soft or firm. That will give your mattress time to break in, and it will give you time to adjust to your new bed. If you do feel like an adjustment is necessary, we can help.

      We are happy to exchange components to modify your mattress system for the first 100 days from the date of delivery. If availability of components is delayed, the 100-day period will be extended accordingly. Free exchanges are not available after 100 days. After 100 days, components may be purchased at a substantial discount for one year. 

      Mattress Firmness Change

      You may change the firmness of your mattress by exchanging its interior components for softer or firmer components within the same mattress model. Delivery charges apply.

      Important Notes

      The mattress needs about 30 days to “break in” before it will feel its best. During that time, the cover of the mattress is becoming more flexible which allows the mattress to contour more closely.

      If you use a washable mattress pad on your mattress, we highly recommend the Washable Mattress Cover that we make. It is made of the same stretch-knit cotton as the cover of your mattress and, unlike most other mattress pads, will not change the feel of the mattress.


      • With any refund, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed.  
      • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
      • Item must be returned in like-new condition, with all paperwork, parts, and accessories to ensure full credit.

      Made to order item.  Ships in 3-4 weeks.


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