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Zoned Natural Latex Pillow

Zoned Natural Latex Pillow

Made from renewable resources, the Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow recovers more quickly than memory foam giving it a bouncier, more responsive feel that is naturally supportive for optimal comfort. It is also available in multiple loft options so you can find the right level of support. Sleep well, knowing your pillow is good for you and the planet.


Active Support

Not your traditional pillow, Talalay Latex is airy, soft, springy, and consistently holds its shape to bring you responsive and conforming comfort night after night.


Breathable Design

Avoid waking up sweaty with a pillow that breathes up to seven times better than other types of latex and memory foam.


Zoned Technology™

Designed with a soft center region to cradle your head and firmer edges to cushion your neck, this pillow helps align your spine for pain-free sleep.


Environmentally Friendly

Sleep on a pillow that’s good for you and the planet. Known as “Earth’s most perfect sleep material,” this latex pillow is produced with biodegradable ingredients from renewable sources and raw materials.



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